Medical and Dental Contributions

Medical & Dental Contributions to Albania

Short Term Medical Missions, Albanian Health Fund, Medical Conferences

Annual National Medical/Surgical/Dental Conferences

Every year between 1992 and 2001, the AHF sponsored, planned and coordinated a national meeting for Albanian physicians. The Albanian medical community has continued this conference independently on a yearly basis since 2002.

Short Term Medical Missions, Albanian Health Fund, Tirana Albania

Short Term Medical/Surgical Teams

Volunteer physicians travel regularly to Albania to establish and maintain relationships with their Albanian colleagues and engage in teaching and Christian outreach. 

Tirana Medical University Library, Albanian Health Fund

Albanian Health Fund Library

Established in 2000, this library supplies Albanian medical students and physicians with much needed, up-to-date medical educational resources.

Albanian Health Fund, Surgical Unit Contributions, Tirana Albania

Modernization of Surgical Department

In 1997 the AHF helped establish a surgical facility acceptable to western hospital standards. The AHF helped renovate, equip, and supply three operating rooms as well as the surgical wards.

Cardiac Cath Lab in Albania

Cardiac Catheterization and Echo Labs

A team of AHF Cardiologists and Cardiothoracic Surgeons were instrumental in the donation, set up, and staff training of a Heart-Lung machine, an Anesthesia machine, and a Cardiac Echocardiography machine.

Albanian Health Fund, Endoscopy Unit

Endoscopy Suite

In 2001, with God-inspired donations of 3 state-of-the-art endoscopy systems, a new endoscopy suite was established. While the Albanians provided the renovated rooms for the equipment, AHF volunteers set it up and trained physicians and staff in its use.

Short Term Medical Missions, Albanian Health Fund, Dr. John Gillan DDS

Dental Missions

Education in modern dental procedures, oral health, and dental prevention is given to Albanian dentists as AHF volunteer dentists travel with short-term mission trips and speak at annual conferences.

Dean's Library, Mother Theresa University Hospital, Tirana Albania

Dean's Library-Mother Theresa University Hospital

(Tirana) The computers and many of the books were made possible through a generous donation by the Albanian Health Fund.  

Short Term Medical Missions, Annual Medical Student Conference, Albanian Health Fund, Dr. Mark Johnston

Annual Medical Student Conference

The AHF is proud to sponsor the annual Albanian medical student conference. The annual spring conference is organized and run by the Albanian medical students. Physicians, dentists, and nurses from the United States and Great Britain attend to facilitate and support the event.