Medical Library

Medical Library

Tirana Medical University Library, Albanian Health Fund

The need for up-to-date medical information is critical for the development of modernized medicine. With much prayer and strategic planning, the AHF had sought to help meet this need in Albania by establishing a medical library in 2000.

A building was bought and renovated to house the library which is situated just across the street from Tirana’s Medical Hospital and University. The library is well supplied with medical, surgical and dental texts as well as computers that provide a virtual medical library via the internet.

Any student or physician can come to the library and access the latest full-text journals and textbooks via an MD Consult subscription accessed on the computers. There is a quiet study area provided and the library is staffed with Albanian Christians who act as librarians.

In addition, there are separate rooms where Bible studies are held as well as medical training sessions. Christian books, some in the Albanian language, are also available for use by students and physicians.

This resource is a valuable asset to the education of Albania’s medical personnel and it is a means of linking the AHF and the Albanian Christians with other students and physicians for outreach and encouragement.

Thieme Medical Library, Albanian Health Fund, Tirana Medical University Library

Thieme Medical Publishers made a significant donation of medical texts to the library along with our friends at the International Book Project in Lexington, KY.  These books have been a marvelous addition to the collection.  Our deepest gratitude to both organizations.

International Book Project, Inc., Albanian Health Fund, Tirana Medical University Library