Dedicated medical professionals

The Albanian Health Fund currently has participation from Christian, medical and dental professionals in the United States, Canada, Greece and the United Kingdom. Our organization depends on healthcare professionals to donate their time to work alongside medical students and physicians in Albania.

Support for AHF

The Albanian Health Fund has been blessed to have received generous donations from many individuals, corporations and churches. The value of contributions of equipment, medical, and surgical supplies is approximately 8 million dollars to date. Your contribution can make a difference to the medical infrastructure of Albania.

Medical & Dental

Since 1992, the Albanian Health Fund has made contributions to the medical and dental communities of Albanian through annual conferences, short term medical mission trips, the Tirana Medical University, dental missions and more. Learn more about what the AHF does and become a part of our volunteer team.

What We Believe

The Albanian Health Fund is a Christian organization that shows the love of God tangibly to the Albanian people by assisting in building their medical and dental infrastructure. Our volunteers and supporters have made it possible to increase the limited medical and dental supplies and infrastructure for Albanian physicians.

Our mission: Communicating God's Love and Hope to Albania

The Albanian Health Fund is a volunteer, Christian, medical and humanitarian organization that is intent on communicating God's Love and Hope to the Albanian people through providing tangible assistance in teaching, improving, and sustaining the country's medical delivery system.